Which Jeep SUVs are Trail Rated?

January 8th, 2021 by

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What does the “Trail Rated” badge on the side of a Jeep SUV mean? After all, Jeep vehicles are the ultimate off-road machines, designed to handle difficult adventures. Thus, the idea of Jeep vehicles holding a specific “trail rated” designation may appear rather redundant. But in reality, the designation represents important factors for potential Jeep buyers to consider before choosing a vehicle.

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What makes a Jeep Trail Rated?

As an iconic brand with a devoted following in the off-road community, Jeep knows that its customers hold high expectations for their vehicles. In 2004, Jeep launched the Trail Rated badge program to identify its most capable off-road SUVs.

Every Jeep model has some trims that qualify as Trail Rated. These vehicles have passed five key tests at sites in California, Utah and Michigan. Once a vehicle meets the company’s standard for success in these tests, that trim or model gains the Trail Rated designation.

Trail Rated Jeep Cherokee vehicles must be able to maintain traction on a variety of surfaces, including soft mud and hard ice. Flexible suspension parts allow Trail Rated Wranglers to keep all four wheels on the ground, even when driving over obstacles. Qualifying Jeep Renegade SUVs boast improved ground clearance and exciting innovations such as reinforced undercarriages. The vehicles also have responsive turning capabilities which allow them to manage tight switchbacks on off-road mountain trails.

Trail Rated Jeep Advantages

The most important reason for buyers to choose a Trail Rated Jeep SUV is the vehicle’s increased performance. For example, the greater fording capabilities of a Trail Rated Jeep Compass are a result of specific vehicle design choices such as sealed electronics and relocated air ducts.

While all Trail Rated Jeep vehicles can perform in a broader range of environments than their peers, not all Trail Rated vehicles provide the exact same level of performance. For example, while some Trail Rated Jeeps can ford up to 19 inches of water, others can traverse as much as 30. Thus, it is a good idea for drivers to understand the limits of their specific vehicle.

Trail Rated Jeeps allow adventure-seeking buyers to save money. Since Trail Rated Jeeps have specific off-road optimized equipment built in, these vehicles require fewer aftermarket modifications. Thus, drivers do not have to pay additional money for alterations or worry about losing their warranty due to improper or poor-quality third-party work.


Try A Trail Rated Jeep SUV On Your Next Off-Road Adventure

Drivers across Iowa know that a Jeep SUV is a tool for adventure. However, a Trail Rated Jeep SUV is a tool for serious adventure. The heightened capabilities of Trail Rated Jeep vehicles make them the perfect fit for drivers seeking exciting off-road experiences. Jeep understands that its drivers hold their vehicles to exacting standards. In response, the company uses the Trail Rated badge to prove its devotion to the development of durable, high-quality SUVs capable of serious off-road performance.

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