Are Used Car Warranties Worth It?

June 28th, 2021 by

Deery of Ames CDJR Service Center - Ames, IA

A great many Iowans will purchase and drive used cars during their lives. Buying a used car in Ames, IA is a great way to save money on your vehicle purchase. However, you lose out on some of the benefits of buying new, particularly warranties. Used car warranties are available, but it’s hard to tell whether they are a good value.

The answer is, in short, that it depends. Some warranties do not cover much. Others, however, often excellent value and are must-haves when purchasing a vehicle.

After making sure that the vehicle you’re purchasing is trustworthy, one has to investigate the warranty that a given dealer offers. This article is going to discuss the Warranty Forever program offered by Deery of Ames, and how it differs from most used car warranties. Warranty Forever is a great example of the kind of warranty that you should look for when purchasing your next used car.

Warranty Forever

The Warranty Forever program covers the entirety of your powertrain. This includes any issues with the engine, the transmission, or the drive assembly. Simply put, Warranty Forever covers most issues that Iowa drivers would face in the course of owning any car. Best of all, the program is free for all qualifying vehicles.

There are a few stipulations, however. Those who purchase a car with Deery of Ames or other dealers that offer Warranty Forever must agree to keep up with maintenance on their vehicle. This is not much of a problem, however. Having to do this actually encourages drivers to keep their maintenance up to date anyways!

Deery of Ames is not the only dealership to offer this program. This means that drivers who purchase a car at Deery and sign up for the program have access to the resources of the Warranty Forever program. These resources are vast. The program has paid out more than 33 million dollars in claims as of January 2021.

There are no hidden gimmicks with the Warranty Forever program. There is no deductible to pay if something goes wrong. You do not even have to pay for covered service up front – simply notify the claims center and they’ll take care of it. You are also able to take your car to a different auto shop, so long as you document it.


The Warranty Forever program is a great used car warranty. It’s exactly what you should look for if you’re busy a used car. Other warranties usually have mileage caps, or charge a deductible. This is not the case with the Warranty Forever program: there is no deductible, and no mileage cap.

Iowa drivers who are looking to purchase a vehicle would be well-served to do so at Deery of Ames. The dealership is full of good people who will make sure that you’re well cared for. Since it was founded Deery has emphasized service, and the Warranty Forever program is a great example of the dealership’s dedication to that ideal.

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