Should you buy a New or Used Pickup Truck for your Business?

December 28th, 2020 by

Contractors and fleet owners all across Iowa know that having a reliable pickup truck is critical. Whether you need to carry bulky loads, transport manure or tow a trailer, a good pickup truck is the key to the success of your business. But choosing which pickup truck to buy is difficult. As some of the most popular vehicles in the United States, pickup trucks come in many variations and styles. While many automakers produce new pickup trucks every year, the used market is estimated to be roughly three times larger. So when it comes down to the wire, which is better for your business? Should you buy a new or used pickup truck?

Deery of Ames is proud to serve the automotive needs of businesses and contractors all across Iowa. We provide an extensive variety of benefits helping business owners save on their vehicles. From the initial purchase price to graphics and upfitting, we know how to give Iowa business owners and contractors the value they deserve. And as an authorized RAM Trucks dealer, we are proud to provide top-quality vehicles that have been awarded MotorTrend Truck of the Year status for three straight years. Contact us for more details.

New Vehicles

The advantages of buying a new pickup truck are simple. New trucks offer the latest safety, technology and capability innovations. Features such as larger, more powerful engines and new trailer towing technology make work easier than ever for pickup truck owners. Larger and more intuitive touchscreen systems provide unparalleled levels of control. From airbag placement to seat design, new pickup trucks incorporate safety into their very core.

Iowa shoppers who buy a new pickup truck do not have to worry about their vehicle’s prior maintenance history. Even smart and safe drivers can have long-term maintenance problems if their truck’s previous owner was careless or abusive to the vehicle. With new vehicles drivers will not find themselves unexpectedly paying for someone else’s mistakes.

Ames-area businesses who require a fleet of pickup trucks should consider buying multiple similar vehicles. Iowa businesses with a standardized fleet understand the capabilities of their vehicles better and can most effectively optimize them. A standardized fleet also helps with maintenance. And when all vehicles are the same type, business owners or their employees can switch between them more easily.

Businesses needing a fleet of pickup trucks should choose new vehicles. A dealer’s used inventory changes frequently. Used vehicle and feature availability depends on what is currently in stock at any given moment. Consult with a Deery of Ames Commercial Adviser to learn more about fleet vehicle purchases.

Used Vehicles

Perhaps the most obvious advantage to buying a used pickup truck is the price. As new innovations push far beyond the limits of what drivers conceivably face, older pickup trucks are still capable of performing a wide variety of common tasks.

While the history of a new vehicle is more certain than that of a used one, this does not mean that new vehicles are completely problem-free. In fact, time can be a vehicle shopper’s best friend. Used vehicles are less likely to have unexpected problems requiring a recall, and the dealership will fix recalled parts before selling the truck to the consumer.

The passage of time also helps consumers in another way. Before it is released to the public, the information available about a new vehicle often consists of press releases from the designer and speculative articles on automotive websites. However, when a vehicle model has been around for a while, there are more consumers who have driven it for themselves and can write online reviews. Thus, it is easier for pickup truck buyers to research the actual performance and experience of owning a certain model.

Certified pre-owned vehicle programs provide an extra layer of security for used truck buyers. Eligible vehicles must meet stringent requirements and be in good condition in order to qualify. Certified pre-owned vehicles are far cheaper than new trucks but are guaranteed to be in good condition, taking much of the uncertainty out of used pickup truck buying.


Pickup trucks are a popular commercial vehicle because of their flexibility and wide range of capabilities. Whether buying a new or used vehicle, business consumers should consider a commercial dealership. Commercial vehicle dealers can provide a trusted support network to help business owners optimize and maintain their vehicle.

Deery of Ames is proud to help Iowa businesses and contractors with their fleet management problems. Our commercial vehicle specialists can help you find the support your business needs to succeed. Our service and financing departments can help you maintain and afford your vehicle. We can also include the cost of modifications in your financing plan. Visit us at 1700 SE 16th Street in Ames, Iowa or call us at (515) 337-0306 to learn more or to schedule a test drive.