Used Jeep Cherokees In Ames, IA

Many of our Ames, IA customers come to Deery of Ames in search of a small, comfortable family crossover. While the market has certainly been flooded with options in recent years, it's hard to beat the Jeep Cherokee's combination of capability and comfort. Particularly, used Jeep Cherokee models represent an impressive value for the built-in capability and features, and are one of our most popular vehicles.

Here at Deery of Ames, our focus is on providing a friendly, honest customer experience from the moment you walk in the door. With online shopping as the norm, we distinguish ourselves through a commitment to treating each Ames visitor like a member of our family. Whether you want to know about financing options, get an appraisal of your trade-in, or just take a closer look at our vehicles, we'll take the time to make sure you have all the information you need. Now, let's look at what makes a used Jeep Cherokee such a great buy in today's market.

Driving & Capability

While most Ames residents shopping for a crossover aren't looking for a high-performance vehicle, the driving experience is very important for safety, comfort, and overall enjoyment. That's why Jeep has put so much emphasis on the driving experience of the Jeep Cherokee, both on the road and off it. The Cherokee is often praised for its comfortable, precise driving dynamics, making it one of the most highly recommended crossovers out there.

Ames buyers will enjoy the plush suspension of a used Jeep Cherokee, as well as its easy acceleration. But just because it has a comfortable suspension doesn't mean a used Cherokee doesn't offer great capability. Available with a regular AWD system or Jeep's vaunted Trailhawk trim, the Jeep Cherokee is ready for any conditions. The Trailhawk brings serious off-road equipment, including specialized tires, raised clearance, low-range gearing, underbody protection, and more. Whether you're just anticipating the winter weather or plan to hit some serious trails, a used Jeep Cherokee is the perfect companion.

Interior & Features

For years, the Jeep Cherokee's interior has been praised for its comfort and intelligent design. Keeping everything in reach and easy to use, Jeep gives Ames drivers confidence on the road and also offers the latest in tech features. Jeep's Uconnect system is a great interface for everything from smartphone integration to navigation, and keeps up with the latest trends in tech. Ames owners will find comfortable seating for five, as well as good cargo room behind the rear seats. Often described as being the "just right" size, a used Jeep Cherokee offers the perfect solution for families that want a comfortable crossover without a lot of added bulk.

Used Cherokee models can also be found with advanced safety features, as well as more luxury touches like leather interior and premium sound systems. When purchased well-equipped, a used Jeep Cherokee represents great value when compared to newer competitors. The 2019 Cherokee recently received a significant exterior redesign and additional features, making now one of the best times to look at used models from recent years.

Used Jeep Cherokee At Deery Of Ames

Here at Deery of Ames, we have a great selection of used Jeep Cherokee models, representing a great combination of value and capability. There are a lot of crossovers on the market, but none in the Jeep Cherokee's class can match its wide-ranging capability, making it one of the best buys on the Ames market. When purchased used, the Cherokee represents a great value for the money, and our Ames customers have been very happy with their decision to go with this family-friendly yet maneuverable crossover.

If you want to test drive a used Jeep Cherokee for yourself, come into Deery of Ames at 1700 SE 16th St in Ames, IA or give us a call at (515) 233-5000. We're happy to answer any questions you might have, and would love to get you out for a test drive in what we consider one of the best values on the market today. We look forward to seeing you at the dealership!