Tips For Purchasing A Used Jeep

Jeep has long been the top brand among off-road enthusiasts, but their lineup is earning more and more praise for composed on-road driving, impeccable build quality, and affordability. It's no wonder that so many Iowa residents are shopping for a used Jeep. But where should you start?

We're going to go through some tips on what to look for when buying a used Jeep, to help make sure that you drive home as happy as can be in your new-to-you Jeep vehicle.

Set Your Budget

Having an idea of your budget will help you narrow down your search, and allow you to focus on the vehicles that most interest you and that are within your budget. Whether you're shopping for a fully-loaded Grand Cherokee or an economical Rebel for your commute, we've found that buyers who set their budget ahead of time tend to be happier with their purchase in the long run.

Knowing your overall budget will also help you make decisions with regards to financing. It's good to know both the overall amount you're OK with spending on your used Jeep, as well as what kind of monthly payment you can handle. You can get pre-approved online to save you time at the Jeep dealership, and to aide you in your shopping.

What Features do You Want in Your Used Jeep?

Knowing what features are most important to you in a used Jeep will help you decide which vehicles and trim levels most interest you. If you want the utmost in off-road capability, for instance, a used Jeep Wrangler Rubicon could be the perfect vehicle for you. But if you want a compact crossover for your commute that can still hit the trails on the weekend, you should be looking at a used Jeep Compass or Cherokee.

When it comes to family vehicles, it's hard to beat a used Jeep Grand Cherokee. With ample interior space, luxury features, and a huge range of trim levels and feature options, the Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular SUVs in the country for a reason. A used Grand Cherokee can be had with comprehensive off-road features in the Trailhawk trim, as a workhorse family SUV, or as a true luxury cruiser with all the bells and whistles.

Buy From a Dealer You Trust

Purchasing your used Jeep from a dealer you trust will not only eliminate headaches in the buying process, but help make sure you're happy with your purchase long after you drive off the lot. A reputable used Jeep dealer like Deery of Ames will be able to give you a detailed vehicle history, show that the vehicle has been safety-inspected, and provide added value to your used Jeep purchase.

Authorized Jeep dealers are also the only ones able to sell Certified Pre-Owned Jeeps, which come standard with extended warranties. CPO Jeeps have undergone an extensive inspection, and must meet stringent criteria to be certified. Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Jeep adds an extra level of peace of mind to your purchase, as you know your vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and warrantied for years to come.

Start Your Test Drive Today

Of course, one of the best things you can do to decided if a used Jeep is for you is to test drive one yourself. If you're shopping for a pre-owned Jeep, Deery of Ames in Ames, IA is the perfect place to start. We have a large selection of used and certified pre-owned Jeeps in stock, and have built our dealership on being a trusted member of the local community. You can view our used Jeep models below, and contact us to set up your test drive or to ask any questions you might have. From our salespeople, to our finance professionals, to our service department, we're here to welcome you like family to Deery of Ames.