RAM 1500 Versus RAM 2500

February 12th, 2021 by

Iowa truck shoppers seeking the best in capability and performance know to buy a RAM truck. These vehicles have won numerous awards for their ability to lead the competition in metrics such as capacity, power and fuel efficiency. Yet when it comes to actually purchasing a RAM truck, buyers have a few different options to consider. Two of the most common choices are the 1500 and the 2500. So which truck should Iowa buyers choose, the RAM 1500 or the RAM 2500? Which is better for the consumer market, and which is better for businesses? What are the advantages of each vehicle?

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What is a Heavy-Duty Truck?

The term “heavy-duty” is an important one for Iowa truck shoppers. The majority of trucks sold across the country fall into one of two categories. The RAM 1500 is in the class traditionally known as “half-ton” or “light-duty”. The 2500 is a “three-quarter ton” or “heavy-duty” vehicle.

Traditionally, these names were related to the towing capacity of the vehicles in the class. But nowadays, advances in automotive technology mean that yesterday’s “half-ton” truck can now pull roughly twelve times that amount! And the same is true with heavy-duty vehicles.

For example, the most capable 1500 engine available is a 5.7-liter mild hybrid V8 with a towing capacity of 12,750 pounds. This is roughly enough for towing a boat or a light commercial trailer. Yet the heavy-duty RAM 2500 is capable of towing as many as 19,680 pounds on its 6.7-liter diesel inline-six. Therefore, customers who need to pull heavy equipment or a larger gooseneck trailer should explore the 2500.

How Else Do These Trucks Differ?

The most significant variation between the 1500 and the 2500 is the nature of the work they are designed for. The 1500 is a strong all-around truck for Iowans, capable of getting dirty on a job site or driving kids around the streets of Ames. The 2500, however, is more specifically geared towards heavy use in industrial applications. Yet both of these trucks are some of the most capable, versatile vehicles on the market.

Whether you choose the 1500 or the 2500, you can benefit from a wide array of amazing and useful features. Both the 1500 and the 2500 offer a 12-inch vertical infotainment touchscreen, which can be split for greater functionality, on top trims. Both lineups also offer the automaker’s innovative RAMBOX bed storage system and a 115-volt power outlet. And while the RAM 2500 offers drivers an available bed step for easy access, the RAM 1500 lets its owners enjoy the vehicle’s multifunction tailgate.

Where Can I Explore the RAM Lineup?

The RAM 1500 and 2500 are some of the world’s most popular vehicles and the recipients of many awards in their fields. And now, Iowa drivers can experience both of them firsthand at their local RAM dealership. Though the 1500 and the 2500 are built with slightly different audiences in mind, they both contain valuable features that can make work easier for Iowans.

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