Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Car?

January 31st, 2021 by

According to conventional wisdom, the best time to buy a car is at the end of the year. While there is some truth to this statement, it can also mislead Ames-area drivers into ignoring the advantages of buying vehicles during other times of the year. If you don’t want to wait an entire year, but still want to score a good deal on a vehicle, you can find great prices at your local dealership on any day. In fact, there are even some advantages to buying earlier in the year.

At Deery of Ames, we provide ourselves on our tradition of service. We understand that a car purchase can provide the core of a long-term partnership between local businesses and the communities they serve. That is why we are proud to offer quality service at a fair price point. And as the world moves increasingly online, our values of honesty and community help us remain strong in the digital market. Contact us online or in-store for details.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

As mentioned above, the answer to this question is often overly simplistic. While there are good reasons to buy at the end of the year, consumers can take advantage of valuable deals at any time.

The normal argument for buying a car at the end of the year is that dealers are anxious to hit annual sales metrics. But did you know that dealers and salespeople have sales targets throughout the year? Dealers prefer to evaluate their performance regularly, and monthly sales goals are a key tool for this. Smart car buyers know that great deals are available at the end of the week or month, not just the end of the year.

Dealerships use holiday weekends throughout the year to host major sales events. In January, your neighborhood auto dealership may offer strong discounts over President’s Day weekend or Martin Luther King, Jr, day. February buyers often take advantage of Valentine’s Day sales events, and St. Patrick’s Day can bring valuable deals on March purchases. It is a good idea for prospective car buyers to check if their local dealer offers discounts during these times.

What are the Advantages of Buying Early in the Year?

As discussed above, the beginning of the year can be a good time to buy a car. But are there advantages in buying now, instead of waiting until December? Why are prospective car buyers uniquely positioned to get especially good deals during this current time?

Strategies such as buying in December are well-known pieces of advice. The problem, though, is that well-known pieces of advice are just that. If a dealership has a high volume of prospective sales on a certain day, buyers will have a lower chance of getting the absolute best price on a specific sale. On a quieter day, dealers are more able to provide proper, effective service to each individual buyer. Customers are also more likely to be impressed by both the final purchase price and their automotive buying experience.

The current world situation puts buyers in a uniquely ideal time to get a new car. Dealers actually don’t own the vehicles on their lot outright and must make monthly payments of their own. They also want the ability to get fresh inventory so they can keep up with the latest demands from customers. Yet during difficult economic times, fewer people are interested in buying vehicles. Dealers may be willing to offer better deals when the alternative is a stagnant inventory.

Some Iowa drivers may want to move on from their current vehicle, but would prefer to wait until the conventional buying season starts. If you are considering a new set of wheels, you should go ahead and upgrade now. After all, vehicle buying is a time-consuming process. If you want the flexibility to do it properly, you should look into getting a new car while you still have access to your old one.

blue jeep wranglerConclusion

Conventional wisdom states that the best time of year to buy a car is during the last few months. However, there are plenty of reasons to buy a car at any time of the year. Sales events take place all over the calendar. The typically slow months at the beginning of the year allow buyers to take advantage of great deals and personalized service. And with the COVID-19 pandemic causing severe economic uncertainty, dealers are anxious to sell off their remaining 2020 inventory.

Iowa drivers can benefit from the friendly service and knowledgeable expertise at Deery of Ames. Our commitment to our buyers starts with our wide range of new, used and certified pre-owned inventory. And our honest, capable service technicians are eager to help customers feel a part of the Deery family. So visit us at 1700 SE 16th Street in Ames, Iowa, explore our website or call us at (515) 337-0306 to learn more or to schedule a test drive.

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