What’s the Difference Between Dodge and Ram?

June 30th, 2021 by

RAM Commercial Department Ames, IA

Dodge is a classic American car company in every sense of the word. It was originally founded in 1900, and began producing vehicles less than two decades after that. After being bought by Chrysler in 1928, Dodge spent decades designing and selling iconic vehicles like the Dodge Challenger.

In 1981 Dodge released the Dodge Ram. It was a full-sized pickup truck that launched Dodge’s Ram brand, which focused on commercial-oriented vehicles like vans and trucks. In the late 2000s, however, Chrysler decided to split Dodge and Ram. The idea was that Dodge could focus on creating great sedans and muscle cars, while Ram could produce beastly trucks and vans.

In short, Chrysler broke the two brands up so that they could focus more on their respective vehicle types. Now, the two have their own distinct logos and branding. This does occasionally lead to some confusion, as the two shared a logo until the split. Any used trucks that were released before the 2010 model year are going to be Dodge Rams with the well-known ram’s head logo, for example.

What Dodge and Ram Are Doing Now

As noted above, Dodge has been focusing on sedans and muscle cars since Chrysler spun off the Ram brand. The company revived the classic Dodge Challenger in 2008 to great critical acclaim. The company has built up the Challenger brand further since this re-release. The 2021 model, for example, is a truly magnificent vehicle. The Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock trim has the highest horsepower of any production car: 807. This is generated by the 6.2L Supercharged High-Output Hemi V8 engine. Anyone driving one of these masterpieces is going to turn heads everywhere they go.

Ram has also been building fantastic vehicles since Chrysler span it off from Dodge. The company’s trucks are known worldwide, and for good reason. The 2021 Ram 3500 is an excellent example of just why that is. The vehicle comes equipped with a 6.4L engine that puts out 410 horsepower. This beast can tow just about anything you’d need it to.


Since Chrysler split Dodge and Ram apart, both of these brands have been able to hone in on their respective niches. Dodge has been building reliable sedans and amazing muscle cars, like the Charger and Challenger. Ram, on the other hand, has focused on trucks like the award-winning 1500 and 3500. You will no longer see Dodge commercial vehicles because of this; in fact, Ram has been marketing its vehicles are commercial ones. This is for good reason, as Ram’s line of trucks is top-quality, and suited for any job.

Deery of Ames has both Dodge and Ram vehicles available. The excellent staff there has been working with Dodge since before the Ram brand was spun off. As such, they’re incredibly well-qualified to help you pick out your next car, whether it is a stunning Dodge muscle car, a heavy-duty Ram truck, or anything in-between.

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