It Might Be Time to Upgrade Your Vehicle This Winter

jeep dealer If you're planning on doing a lot of driving over the winter, you're going to need an all-weather capability vehicle. That's why you should make the trip to your local Jeep dealership and drive out of there with a trail-rated, high quality Jeep. 

Jeep's popularity has been consistently growing over the last few decades. During the Spring of 2008, roughly 12.32 million households around the U.S. owned a Jeep. Sure, these vehicles are great for off roading during the summer, but they are terrific for maneuvering those snowy and icy roads during the winter, too. 

That's why it might be time to head to the Jeep dealer and check out some great winter vehicles. If you're planning on driving a new Jeep for the first time this winter, keep these tips in mind. 

  • Braking during the winter --Though Jeeps can handle quite well in snowy conditions, you should still leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the vehicle or structure in front of you. It really doesn't matter what type of vehicle you're driving in the winter when it comes to ensuring safety; you always need to be extremely careful as you brake to avoid contact with other vehicles and items. Even the best brakes in the world can still be in jeopardy if the tires catch a patch of black ice. It's important to keep in mind that even though you are driving a power Jeep around, you still need to keep an appropriate stopping distance at all times.

  • Off roading in the snow -- As long as you're driving in shallow snow, driving off the road can be done quite effectively as long as you're in a Jeep. Keep in mind that pumping the brakes in heavier snow can actually prolong the stopping time -- so try locking the brakes if you need to immediately stop. Also, if you start to veer off the snowy trail, let up on locking the brakes a little bit.

  • Steering and swerving on-road during snow -- Typically, four-wheel drive really only works great at lower speeds. If you have to travel in very snowy or icy roads, your best bet is to drive much slower in four-wheel drive to ensure safety.

If you're thinking about visiting a Jeep dealer and want to find some more great reasons to buy a Jeep this winter, head to Deery of Ames today and drive safe!
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