Shopping For Your Child's First Car? Consider These 3 Tips

premier dealerUh oh, your child just got their driver's license. Look out, world! 

Even though your teenager behind the wheel can be a terrifying thought, it's an important part of life and can be extremely convenient for your entire family. You won't have to drive them to every school function, every date, or every meet up with friends. But if it's time for your teen to start driving, that means it's also time to start looking for a reliable vehicle for them. 

Here are some helpful tips to consider when searching for your teen's first car: 

Decide on new or used cars

You should first decide whether or not your child will be driving a new or used vehicle. Although newer vehicles are higher quality and typically come with modern safety features such as back up cameras, there are plenty of reasons to buy a used car for your teen. Used cars nowadays are still extremely reliable, and used vehicles less than five years old should come equipped with all the safety features that most new models have. 

Visit the premier dealerships in your area

Visiting trusted car dealerships should be your first step in finding a reliable vehicle for your son or daughter. While there's nothing wrong with buying a rusty used car for your teen's first vehicle, you should also look for safe rusty used cars for your teen. If you aren't going to premier dealerships, you'll run the risk of not only paying too much for a total lemon, but getting one that isn't nearly as safe and reliable as it should be. For the best peace of mind, look for pre-owned vehicles.

Be realistic about finances

Although you might be fronting the majority of the vehicle cost, you shouldn't spend all your money and just hand over the keys to a new car. You need to teach your kids about the value of hard work, commitment, and money. A great way to do that? Ask your child to contribute to the cost of the vehicle. A general guideline to pass down to them is that their monthly car payment should not be more than 20% of their take-home pay. You can help them out a bit with gas money and monthly payments, but make sure they're covering some of it so they don't feel spoiled. Not only that, but a monetary investment in the vehicle could help promote safer driving.

Make sure you're talking about the importance of vehicle maintenance, as well as roadway safety as you look for the perfect vehicle for your teen driver. If you're searching for a quality premier dealer in Iowa, contact Deery of Ames today. 
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