4 Reasons Why Jeeps are Great for the Whole Family

trail ratedIn 2014, Jeep sold a total of 1.02 million vehicles across the globe, which was a 39% increase over its 2013 total. These trail rated Jeeps have always been excellent options for individual drivers and lovers of the outdoors, but now, more and more families are deciding to make these vehicles their family ride. In 2008, roughly 12.32 million U.S. families had a Jeep in their driveway, but that number has increased tremendously over the last few years. Here are a few reasons why Jeeps are great for individual riders and families alike. 

Part of history and tradition
Jeeps have a tradition of excellence and have been reliable vehicles for decades. First introduced during World War II, Jeep has a historic aspect associated with it that very few other vehicles have. Not only will you and your family share a part of this tradition, but you'll be a part of a global support group of Jeep enthusiasts and lovers. 

Comfortable for everyone inside
Imagine going on a long family vacation in a small sedan or bulky minivan. That sounds like an uncomfortable disaster. With a Jeep, however, you and your family will have plenty of room to stretch out, stay comfortable during the entire trip, and look good doing it. Each member of your family will have legroom, side space, and a wonderful breeze going through their hair as you cruise down the highway toward your destination. Sound amazing? It is. 

Ability to go off-road
Jeeps have all-weather capability and can tear up almost any kind of land. You and your family can certainly blow off plenty of steam by ripping up a mud field in your trail rated Jeep. There really is nothing like slipping and sliding across a large patch of mud and it can be an excellent stress reliever. Other cars and vehicles look terrible if they have a few spots of mud on them. Jeeps, on the other hand, actually look a little cooler when they are covered with dripping mud. 

Great for all kinds of occasions
You and your family can show up to a fancy restaurant, a neighborhood barbecue, a hunting trip, or even to Sunday church in a Jeep. How many other vehicles can you say the same about? Jeeps are perfect for just about every single occasion. 

Another reason these vehicles are so great is because at just about any Jeep dealership, you'll find a great selection of Jeeps that you can pick out as a family. 

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